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So most of you know that since we moved into our house 2 and a half years ago, we immediately started renovations on our house. The listing on our house when it was for sale was, “pottery barn perfect” – and so it looked when we fell in love and bought it. After a few weeks of cleaning the coffee stains out of the grout in the tiles on the kitchen counter, we decided that we would update it. One thing lead to another and we ended up gutting the kitchen down to the studs and redesigning the entire thing. On Christmas Eve with a plumber under the sink, guest arrived at the front door and renovations were 90% complete. My husband was then sent to Afghanistan for 7 months.

Fast forward one year later…. Husband had been home for 2 and a half months when we thought it would be fun to tear down a wall in the basement and redesign the playroom. We finished it to about 90% completion and that is how it stands. During this time we also decided to replace the casing and doors to the bedrooms and bathroom… so there were the doors with no finish trim and shims sticking out… again, at the 90% completion.

Fast forward 9 months… husband is super busy with work, travel, yard work and new job interviews. Since we have a friend that is a contractor, I contacted him while husband was out of town this last week and BAM, jobs completed! It was such a relief and a it feels more like “home” since the finish work is done… and husband was surprised and liked it too!

In other news, my dad celebrated his birthday on Saturday and we had a family and friends gathering at my parents home. I stole this picture from my sisters blog b/c I forgot my camera!

On the home front, the girls are in swimming lessons and doing great! They both have a fear of water and will not put their faces in. However, today the teacher got both of them to blow semi-bubbles! We are making progress. If I remember my camera, I’ll take a picture tomorrow.


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  1. Great news on the swimming front! And tell your Dad “Happy Birthday!” from this side of the family. 🙂

    July 22, 2008 at 7:38 pm

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