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My dog has fleas…

I can remember my high school choir director making us sing warm ups. One of them was, “my dog has fleas” up and down the scale. So when I took my dog to the vet this weekend and she announced that sure enough, my dog had fleas… I couldn’t stop singing the warm up. It is truly a bummer and the poor guy couldn’t stop itching himself why we were gone on vacation. By the time we returned home, his entire rear end was flamed up and most of his hair was gone from one spot. The vet gave him two meds which have helped tremendously, however… my dog still has fleas. I gave him another dose of Advantage, but those pesky bugs won’t die.

Speaking of pesky bugs… I think our yard is must be the only one in the neighborhood with mosquitoes. For some reason they flock to our yard and bite my kids. Today I bought more bug spray and actually saw a new Off product for yards that I’m going to try. My good friend told me about a Citronella plant that you can buy, so I’m setting out to locate one tomorrow.

In other news, this week is VBS (vacation Bible school) for Pig Will. The program that I picked is only for rising Kindergarten and above, so Pig Me Too cannot go. However, I am staying for the opening music and getting there early for the end so that PMT can enjoy a bit of it. She even learned the theme song and another song today so that she can sing with her big sis when they are home. Too cute. The leaders are so enthusiastic and are great at getting the kids involved. PW was pleasantly surprised to see a few friends from school and begged to go back each day. Today she asked me, “Mom, how will I go to 1st grade and Bible school at the same time? Won’t I only have time to go all day to one of them?” (She actually seemed quite concerned about it!) I had to explain twice that VBS was only one week long… she would not miss school. Funny girl.

With VBS and other activities, this is turning out to be a busy week. Today we went grocery shopping and I literally felt my heart drop to my stomach when the total bill was revealed. I am really good about saving and clipping coupons. In fact, I used $58 dollars in coupons today… but that didn’t seem to help with the price of food and domestic supplies these days. Ugh..


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  1. Ahh, poor Rusty!

    July 16, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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