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Mountains and Majesty

So we had internet access in Colorado, but I didn’t want to post without pictures. Every time I thought about something to write, it needed the view to go with it. Without further ado, I bring you, “Mountains and Majesty”!

We arrived on July 3rd and just took in the view and the town, Breckenridge.

The next day we celebrated the 4th by watching a parade during the day and then fireworks that night. Firework pictures never turn out.

On the 5th, we went to feed the chipmunks.  There are thousands of them and they will come right up and eat from your hand. Their favorite meal that day was apple or bird seed. The girls had a blast and it was fun to watch them. (Kind of gross though, right? Rodents??)

Then we went to feed the fish and ducks in the pond at Keystone. We rode the paddle boats and my husband steered us right under the water fountain. We all got soaked! My cell phone has not been the same since… it kept turning itself on and off, even when it was off to begin with! Pig Will decided to dry off by jumping on the bungee trampoline. She did amazing and had a huge smile on her face the entire time.

The morning of the 6th, husband and I woke up and started our hike at 5 am. Breckenridge sits at around 9,300 feet and we climbed Peak 10, which is about 12,000 feet. It took us almost 3 hours to get up there, so we skipped the last bit, which was probably another 2 hours because of incline. We took the path some of the way and we went straight up on other parts. Hiking alone makes you tired, but thinning air will make you light headed! After soaking in the breathtaking views at the top of the summit, we started our decent. Only, we had been playing in snow and turned the wrong way down. Walking slow and at a side-step, we made it a few feet down before realizing that we were sort of stuck in a bad place. Going back up the rocky side would take half an hour and be very dangerous… but going down would mean lots of snow and a river at the bottom. The river was flowing fast under the snow and who knew how deep the snow was. Finally we decided that husband would go first, while I held a cell phone to call if he fell through. He crouched down and skied down the slope. He went flying and just missed the river end where there was no snow. Now it was my turn. I moved over a bit on the hill as to miss the river and started my decent. It was an amazing feeling to be sliding down this mountain side with no one else around. After realizing that we did not film either one of us sliding, I made husband climb back up the side to do it again. Then we had to start our long trek up the other side of the mountain towards a ski lift, where we knew the walk down would be safer. I was not about to walk along the river and chance sliding! We made it over and ran down most of the way. We arrived back at the condo at 9 am. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

First, me before we left… I had no idea what I was in for!

Later that day, on the 6th, we took the girls ice skating. It was their first time and they both did great. Pig Will was a bit more adventurous and used the skating bar by herself. She would run and then slide. Pig Me Too stayed with me on the adult bar when she came out. Yes, those were the only pictures that we got… I did take a video of Pig Will on the ice… but since I was moving, it is hard to watch.

On the 7th, we explored Vail. We mostly went into stores and let the kids play at the play ground. It was raining, so we didn’t drive down to the gondolas. The girls met Einstein and Shakespeare along the way… we also ran into a few Golden’s, some real, some not so real…

On the 8th, we took a tour of a huge River house. It is a 10th ownership deal that husbands parents are looking into. It has awesome mountain views from one side of the house and from every window, you can hear the rushing river. Beautifully designed and well worth the investment. Then we took the girls to a park for a picnic. It was fun to watch them play and take in the gorgeous site. The play ground was on the lake with the mountains in the distant.

After lunch, my in-laws left for their drive back home. We took the girls up Peak 10 to see where we had hiked. They got to play in the snow and experience some of what husband and I did a few days before. Snow in July! While on our hike a few days before, I had used a marker pole that I found as a walking stick. When we finally found the path and started running down, I laid the pole against a tree. When we took the girls up the mountain side, we let them hike a bit up for the experience. As they were playing in snow, I hiked up a bit farther to the path to see where we were… and right there, laying against a tree was my pole! I grabbed it for the girls to use and then we later hid it for them to find in a few years. (ha!) The day ended with the drive back down and seeing a fox resting on the side of someone’s yard. (Husband and I also saw a Coyote on our hike!)

On the 9th, we just relaxed. We took the girls on a bike ride and then started our drive towards the airport since our flight on the 10th was early.

It was an amazing time, filled with beautiful sites, fun adventures and surrounded by family.


3 responses

  1. tt

    Looks like you guys had a really great time. What beautiful country. Welcome back.

    July 14, 2008 at 9:06 am

  2. BEAutiful!!! I just got back from Colorado myself! Wow, am I rejuvenated! Thanks for sharing.

    July 14, 2008 at 5:44 pm

  3. It’s nice to get the commentary with the photos. How fun it must have been to hike all that way by yourselves…

    July 16, 2008 at 11:15 pm

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