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A quick trip

I left Monday afternoon to go on a business trip with my husband. Only he was on Air Tran and I was on Southwest. Usually he flies SW, so he had a free ticket and I jumped at the opportunity to not only spend time away with him, but to have free time on the beach.

On the flight I started reading “The Shack” by William P. Young. I put in some Christian tunes on my iPod so that I’d have comforting words in my ears as I read. I knew from family and from reading the back cover that the story starts out sad. Not to say that the rest of the story isn’t “sad”, but there is redemption and you cry along with the father. The book, for me, was very eye-opening to how we judge people and how we hold on to regret from the past. What was even more profound for me was learning a deeper thinking into forgiveness. I mean, you can say that you forgive someone. You can tell them that you forgive them. You can even pronounce out loud that you forgive them… but not truly let go of that hurt. You don’t need to forget to forgive. Some will argue that the book seemed “new-agey”, I disagree. You need to look beyond how the author describes things and see the meaning behind it. In the book, the man sees God as a woman. This is his perception of the Father for the time being. I see nothing wrong with it. God shows himself to man in a comforting and loving way that the man can handle. I also loved the description of colors that describes humans, angels and animals in heaven. It was breathtaking for me.

My flight landed about 2 hours before my husbands, so I walked down to the attached Marriot and continued to read the book. We checked into the hotel, had dinner and then walked on the beach. The next morning, he had to leave pretty early… so I went for a two hour stroll on the beach. I wanted to explore more of the area and thought it would be quickest for me to run. So, I jogged for about a mile before it hit me that this was truly a beach town and that was it. I retreated to the pool to swim and continued reading my book. After, I showered and ate lunch (warm almond crusted brie with apples and pear sauce! yum!), I went for another stroll on the beach. This time I ventured up the long pier to enjoy the breeze. I was already a bit sunburned, so the breeze felt nice. Suddenly a boy looked at me and proclaimed, “did you see it? Dolphins!” I thought, what an imagination… there is no way that dolphins would swim this close to shore… and with all those people swimming right there. Sure enough, I glanced down to see a dolphin leap up. Wow, was that just for me Lord? After about 30 minutes of watching him surface every 30 seconds to a minute, two more dolphins joined him. One was a baby swimming in perfect motion with his mother. It was the most amazing sight. I mean, I’ve seen dolphins at the aquarium, but this was a real world show just for me! Okay, not just for me… but you know what I mean.

Finally my husband returned just in time for us to get a table at a beach side restaurant to watch the sun set. There was a band playing on the deck and we had front row seats to watch the most wonderful motion picture ever made. Then we strolled along the beach again and watched the lightening in the clouds.

Although I didn’t get to spend much time with my husband, it was a relaxing retreat for me. Reading the book made me miss my children that much more and I was glad to arrive back safely last night. My husband had to catch a flight to another city for another meeting… but he should be home sometime tonight.


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  1. I wanted to leave a comment about “The Shack” b/c of much controversy that I am reading. Here is a direct quote that I found and agree with:

    “The Shack is a fictional tale. Though the story’s narrator is identified as “Willie” (referring to William Young, the book’s author) never is the reader expected to believe that the story is real. Yet though The Shack is fiction, it is meant to impact the way the reader thinks about God, about love and about life.”

    I am not agreeing to the “principals” or methods of the book. I am merely agreeing that the concepts are things I never thought about before. (Does that make sense?)

    In other words, I am not claiming this book to be truth, after all, it IS a fiction novel. I am only applauding the author in convicting my heart to be a better person.

    June 26, 2008 at 10:07 pm

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