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Summer fun has begun…

Yesterday Pig Me Too’s preschool went on a field trip to the beach. It was a small private beach in the neighborhood where the preschool director lives. Since Pig Will only has half days this week, I was able to pick her up and bring her along on the trip. Both girls love to dig in the sand but aren’t much for water. They both splashed around in the water by themselves to my amazement and built sand blobs on the shore.

Then last night it happened. Tantrum central. I had given them baths early because of the sand and sunscreen, so we were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie after dinner. Since we own a Golden Retriever, I thought they’d enjoy “Air Bud”, a story about a little boy who finds a Golden, takes him in and he becomes the basketball mascot for the boys team. Well, around the middle of the story the boy tries to send the dog away (too long to explain, you’d have to watch it) and both girls are crying. Pig Me Too is sobbing, turn it off, turn it off… and Pig Will is countering with, keep it on, keep it on! Since PMT is clearly upset about the movie and it is starting to get late, I turn the TV off. PW becomes irate and starts screaming to the point of losing her voice. She needs to know that the dog is okay and will not reason with the fact that we can rent, buy or record the movie. Finally we just let her scream it out until she was worn out. Then we both took turns talking to her about what happened. Not only had we had a fun long day, but it was bed time and we could always see the movie another time. I think what finally got her to calm down was the fact that I mentioned if she didn’t stop hyperventilating that her asthma would act up and she’d need to go to the hospital. Most likely, that would’ve not happened… but I was desperate to calm her down.

Needless-to-say, the evening finally calmed down and both girls slept soundly through the night. It is strange to see the girls grow up and become super sensitive to things. I didn’t think that started happening until puberty! Oy Vey the teens are gonna be hard!

Speaking of Golden’s! Ours turned 7 years old yesterday! Happy Belated b-day Rusty!

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  1. Sorry you had the run around with tags, ids, etc…. That seems to be the way of the military world, but it is so frustrating! Hope Pig Will’s foot feels better soon!

    June 17, 2008 at 7:07 am

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