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Field Day and picture catch-up

I’m thinking that I never posted the end results of our basement playroom renovations. I am so far behind on downloading pictures. Here are the most recent pictures that I took of the basement… a few more things have been done… but obviously the hand rails need to be painted and pictures need to be hung.

Okay, so I need to take new pictures… the hand rail is finished with the spindles all the way up. Stay tuned.

Yesterday was field day at Pig Will’s school. She did really well, being the shortest in the class. She is very athletic and actually threw farther, ran faster and kept up with most of the kids in her class. They did 15 rotations and activities included hopping with a ball between their legs , dragging wet clothes to hang on the line ,

lacrosse throw , rock wall climbing
and karate exercises…

Also, here is a picture of my mini lamb burgers that I made… I never posted it in my cooking diaries…


One response

  1. Aunt Syl

    Hi honey #2 (your sister is honey #1 🙂 Your daughters are going to be as beautiful as you are. It’s great that Pig Will is so athletic too.
    I have been trying some of your recipes, and, I love them – you are such a good cook. I have passed some on to my girlfriend who loves to cook too. I think I need to move near you and your sister when I’m old so you can cook for me and I can watch your children! (although Barbieann told me that is NOT an option) Love, Aunt Syl

    June 3, 2008 at 9:46 am

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