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Happy Anniversary to my love…

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We spent Memorial day in the downtown area. There was a parade just starting, but because we took awhile to find parking, it was over by the time we walked back downtown. We went for a long walk on our usual route and the weather was perfect. Sunny, warm with a slight breeze. After the walk we got sandwiches and walked to the park to eat them. The kids played for a bit with their daddy while I sat on the bench with the dog.

When we got home we relaxed, napped and played outside. I never once looked at the clock. We decided to take the girls out to dinner last night to finish up our anniversary day celebration since my husband has to work today. I’m thinking we will barbecue something special tonight for our real anniversary.

Today I’ve been married for 8 years and we still have a great relationship. My husband is my best friend. I couldn’t imagine being silly or flirty with anyone else. He is always looking for ways to make me smile… especially when I’m not in the mood to smile. He is always complementing me, even when I know I don’t look good. (Just woke up, etc…) He is a dedicated, committed man in everything that he does. Well, almost… I can say that the man loves to start a home improvement project and then improve the home to about the 96% point. It is who he is, it is who WE are as a couple. Walk into my house. It is beautiful. A small cape cod with a red door. The kitchen has been remodeled, gutted down to the studs, travertine floors, granite countertops, stone backsplash… oh and then there is the pantry I always wanted… without a door knob! You know, I actually don’t mind these little things because they are a constant reminder about how passionate my husband is. He is on fire for the loves of his life. His family, his work, his country, his projects…

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!
I wanted to post the link to last years Anniversary post: HERE


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  1. Jo

    It’s so exciting and encouraging to find women who are so in love their soul mate; who live every day to glorify the Lord; who take joy in their roles as wives. Happy anniversary to the both of you!

    June 14, 2008 at 11:15 am

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