Ramblings from my life…

Nit and Grit

Each day is filled with so much to do. The “to do” list never ends. There will always be laundry “to do”, dishes “to do”, cleaning “to do”, errands “to do”…. you get the point. Then we get down to the nitty-gritty… the tasks that need to be done that are put aside for later and then just sit for weeks, months, years on end. Or the doctors appointment that you’ve put off scheduling because maybe the problem will just get better.

This morning was a whirlwind. We had to fight rush hour traffic to go 20 minutes to an optometry exam. Pig Me Too has sort of a lazy eye. It is not lazy in the usual sense – floating around all the time… but rather sometimes it just gets “stuck”. Everything checked out okay and the good doc said to come back in six months. Pig Me Too was scared from the beginning. She had the idea that she needed a shot in her eye… or that the doctor would do something that hurt. After the initial exam with the tech, he did the puff of air in one eye, which completely set her off for the rest of the exam. So, need-less to say, she did not get the puff of air in the other eye. By the time the doctor came in she was teary-eyed. He was super friendly and they quickly became pals. He did not witness her eye getting stuck and she passed her eye exam with flying colors. The 20/20 line was a bit hard for her to read, but I also think she was nervous.

I originally started this post yesterday. I was going to talk about how I cleaned down to the nit and grit, thus the subject line. However, that sounds quite boring… so, I’ll end here for today.


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