Ramblings from my life…

Mother’s Day

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Hallmark on you – and I’m not going to mention that I’m a mom everyday, not just once a year. Mostly, I couldn’t think of a subject line for my post.

I have been hacking since last Sunday. It started out with a mild sore throat and now, a week later, has turned into my throat feeling like I swallowed a box of tacks. Since I can’t go longer than two minutes without coughing, we stayed home from church today. My girls re-gifted me some items from their room and brought me cards that they had given me earlier in the week. Both the Kindergarten and the Preschool did a flower project that I received on Thursday. Then on Friday they both made me several cards which they gave me immediately. They then took the cards away on Saturday and gave them back to me today. I heard “happy mother’s day” about every hour today – and mostly likely will be hearing it for another week from Pig Me Too. They are so cute!

We spent the day out at my parents house. The weather turned gray and windy, not to mention that they also live in a neighborhood called “Southwinds” because they are known for the wind out there. My dad grilled a yummy beef loin and my mom made a great salad to which I will post the recipe on “Cooking Diaries” as soon as I get it from her.

As I sit here and type, I can hear the rain and wind banging on the house. The lights keep flickering, so I’ll sign off now. Happy Mother’s Day!


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