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Mother’s Day Crunch

It happens every holiday, you procrastinate. I’m pretty good about shopping in advance for birthday’s and Christmas… but those Hallmark Holiday’s get me every time. You know it is coming, but you put it off anyway. Well, now there is hope! Who knew there was a whole website dedicated to Mother’s Day? Fear not my friends, visit Mother’s Day Central for some last minute ideas!

I actually have my plan of action for my mom… it’s just that I’ve put off doing it until today. I won’t post what I’m doing until after Sunday, b/c my mom reads my blog! Ha, thought you were getting a hint, eh?

My husband had a quick two day business trip. He got in late last night and left first thing this morning for a Career conference. So the kids think he is still out of town since they haven’t seen him. I’m glad they slept in though (if you can call 6:45 am sleeping in!) because Pig Will was up with the thunderstorms last night and I ended up laying with her for a good…??? 2 hours? I’m not really sure, I was in and out of sleep and too tired to care what time it was.

So, the time has come for my husband to leave the good ‘ole Navy. His time is not actually up until November – but with the way time has been going lately, November will be next week. He has a few career interests, he has had several company’s contact him… and he will be around many fortune 100 companies. I’m sure all is going well. He looked so handsome in his suit this morning. It was so strange seeing him get dressed that way. I am so used to him putting on his Khaki uniform year round, day after day. Speaking of the suit, since he does wear his uniform everyday, he hasn’t needed a suit. A few years ago he finally got one for a friends wedding… so last night when he got home, we couldn’t find the jacket. I finally found it in a dry cleaning bag up in Pig Will’s closet. I used a flash light and snuck up there. Enter huge sigh of relief. This also means that sometime this next week we will be going shopping for new suits. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear the same one to each interview he has. Although… how would they know? He has a supply of nice dress shirts and ties… oh yeah, right… he might have to wear a different suit each day to ‘said’ new job! It will be so strange…


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