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Thank you Teachers

To all the teachers, thank you. Thank you for serving our children, our families and our communities. Being a teacher is hard work, you have to remain calm and teach all at the same time. Much like mothering, a teacher has to provide for their students. They read, teach, discipline, listen to woes, plan and grade. I’m sure the list goes on and on of the things these people provide for us that we don’t even realize.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at my daughters school. I’m not sure if this is a nationally recognized week… or if it is just their school. Either way, I think that each of you should write a thank you note to those teachers that mean the most to you.

Today we took in a dozen tulips and Pig Will handed them out to 2 secretaries, 1 nurse, 4 other teachers, 2 aides and then the last 3 went to her class teacher. Tomorrow she will hand out hand-drawn picture notes that she made for them. I will also be volunteering for setup and take down of a lunch that other moms are making. Wednesday and Thursday are other activities involving food and Friday is show school pride day. I think it is a fabulous idea. There were mom volunteers there this morning with extra flowers and vases to hand out to other staff members (facilities, lunchroom, etc…).

So again, thank you teachers and school staff for making our lives a bit easier. Thanks for caring about our children and their well-being… and thank you for making a difference.

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  1. Belle’s school had teacher appreciation last week. It was fun. They had ideas of things to bring each day-like flowers, school supplies, homemade wishes, etc. They also had each grade bring in food each morning to the teacher’s lounge.

    May 5, 2008 at 11:06 am

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