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Playtime 101

This morning as I was getting ready, I listened in on playtime which was taking place in the basement playroom. I knew right away they were playing school because the “teacher” made an announcement to the class. Most announcements are preceded by the four year old dictating what she wants the six year old to say. “Okay now, you will say, class, the lady from Build-a-bear is here… okay?” To which the teacher replies, “Now class, when you here the doorbell ring, our visitor from Build-a-bear workshop will be here.” Then, “ding-dong” and “no, not yet Pig Me Too!” “Okay class, our visitor will be explaining how to build a bear, she should be here soon.” Then, “ding-dong! Hi, I’m here. I am your Build-a-bear person. This is how you build a bear and then I will stuff it and place a heart inside him. Then you can wash him and name him.” This went on for quite some time and I was rather impressed on their knowledge of the Build-A-Bear Workshop!

I am still amazed daily at what my children tell me. I am also shocked at some of the things they come home from school saying. In fact, while attending a birthday party this weekend, I overheard a mom telling her son to go sit on his behind – except she used the raw term for it… so, I’m not surprised that my kids are testing me with these words. There were even two little girls at Pig Will’s party that kept repeating a not so nice word for “pass gas” and I had to tell them that we do not say that word in this house and if they felt so inclined to share that they had done “said deed” then to use the previously mentioned term instead. Sheesh!

Never-the-less, my kids are cute and amazing. Not only did the checkout lady at Trader Joe’s ask me if they were always this good – but they are sincerely trying harder to be nice to each other and constantly pointing out to me when they share, complement and hug each other.


One response

  1. Visualizing the playtime (and you listening in) made me smile.

    I love watching / listening to children play.

    April 30, 2008 at 2:05 am

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