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Adventures in Mothering…

As I was glancing at the Charter renewal for my MOPS group, the theme for next year completely explains my last few days. There are so many adventures that (moms) we go through on a day to day basis. There are school lunches to make, breakfast, getting kids dressed, errands, dinners, etc… and that is not to mention the hiccups of fevers, boo-boo’s or hurt feelings, or the fact that we do extras such as field trips or class projects.

Yesterday I chaperoned a class field trip. My good friends daughter (who is in a different class) looked pale and said she didn’t feel well, so I claimed her for the rest of the day and pulled her into my group of kiddos. She is such a sweet heart and I would do anything for her, as if she were my own. We got to pet a rabbit, a hen, a Kid (baby goat), look at tadpoles, toads and other slimy things. We learned about how honey is made and where milk comes from… an overall adventurous day. The little girl felt better after some water and fun with friends. (I’m thinking maybe the bus ride is what did her in!)

Today started with my husband going to Kindergarten for Career day to talk about the Navy and becoming a E2-C Hawkeye Navigator. The kids were full of questions and awed the entire time – even Pig Will!! Then I was off to lunch at preschool. A friend and I volunteered to go to school at 11:30 and stay until 1:30 so that the four teachers could have a real lunch. They usually have to wait for all the parents to pick up the morning kids before they can leave the lunch parents with the all day kids… so, we filled in for this too. One child was not picked up until 12:45! That would’ve left the teachers 15 minutes for lunch if we hadn’t made them leave! The afternoon children arrived at 1 pm and we let them play. After about 15 minutes I was so worn out that we made them clean up, go to the restroom and then color. I don’t know how they do it for 3 hours straight! Of course we had both the 3 year old class and the 4 year old class, so 30 kids to 3 adults….

After picking up both kids from school, we played outside for a hour. I am so worn out, I am ready for a nap! Atlas, but the day is not over. I’ve got dinner to make and then I am going to worship team rehearsal.

Adventure indeed!


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