Ramblings from my life…


Pig Will came home from kindergarten on Friday afternoon explaining that her teacher told her that she has new moles in her mouth. Not the kind that live outside and not the kind on our bodies – but a different kind are growing in and sort of hurt. A bit confused, I asked her to open her mouth and took a peek inside. Sure enough, she has new MOLARS growing in. Molars!, not moles! Silly girl. So, I’m chalking her fever last week up to growing pains – just as my friend TT suggested. She always had fevers when she was teething as a baby, so why not?

Wednesday was spent planning food for our first Annual MOPS and POPS dinner, Thursday a friend and I went shopping for the food and Saturday was the big event. I think it went really well. Everyone seemed to mingle nicely and we didn’t have to whip out any silly games to get things moving… an overall success!

My husband had overnight duty last night. So he left the house at 6 am – worked straight into the night and is now at his regular desk job until his last meeting ends around 4 pm today. I don’t know how he does it with only a few hours of sleep on a cot with phones ringing in, for him to solve the worlds problems.

This week will be busy too… MOPS on Wednesday, fieldtrip to the zoo with preschool on Thursday, Friday is Pig Will’s 6 year old well child visit… whoa, she will turn 6 years old on Saturday. We will have 8 little girls running around in party dresses, playing games and doing crafts.

In other news, I’m working on starting a new blog for my cooking adventures. So far I have zero posts and a picture of cooking utensils up… so, I’ll wait to post my blog link until I have a few things posted. It will mostly just be recipes that I try and things that I altered…. a good way to keep them filed – but also b/c I want a professional link. I *might* try and do some freelance work… so, it would be good to have things sorted out together.

How’s that for a bunch of randomness?

Oh wait, I have more! Pig Me Too and I were having a conversation a few minutes ago. She is so funny in her 4 year old, I can talk like an adult too voice. “So, mommy. It is so cold outside. Dogs don’t have to wear coats though b/c they have their OWN fur coat! Dogs don’t need shoes either, they are so lucky.” **This is because it was 70* on Friday and Saturday and today it back down to the 40’s. Grrr……


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