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My dog mysteriously was sick for three days. He would toss back up anything he ate (on day one) and even gave us a few stains to fret over on our new basement carpet. He refused to eat, even a slice of turkey that I teased him with and dropped on the floor. He just smelled it, licked it and walked away. He moped around with droopy eyes and gave me a look as if to say, “why aren’t you helping me feel better!” On the third day he woke up looking better and even barked at us when we got home from church. We fed him lunch, which he ate with glee and then he was his normal self again.

Relieved to not have to clean up messes anymore, on Monday afternoon I got a phone call from the Elementary school that Pig Will was in the nurses office. I brought her home early and she took a two hour nap. Upon waking up, I gave her some Tylenol which she soon tossed up. I took her to the after hours Pediatrician clinic and he said she looked fine, clear ears, negative on strep test, etc. Later that evening she ate some crackers and seemed to be fine. She was a bit pale today, so I kept her home from school. As we drove to take Pig Me Too to preschool, we passed the Elementary School and Pig Will said with sad eyes how she missed school, her teacher and her friends.

I took the opportunity on the way home to tell Pig Will about how her cousin Belle was baptized this Sunday. We talked about heaven and Jesus’ saving grace. I asked her what she thought heaven was like and told her that I’d be singing in the choir, would she be in the choir too? To which she replied, “no mom, I’ll be watching you.” It was so cute. I asked what she thought she might be doing again and she told me, “I think I’ll talk with Jesus and watch you sing and probably try and find Pig Me Too and daddy to get together.” We talked some more about asking Jesus into our hearts and giving our earthly lives up to Him to worship Him, etc… and she told me that she already gave her heart to Jesus long ago. It was so sweet. I still don’t believe that she has a full understanding of sin and being forgiven… but we are on the right road.


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  1. Hey Lyric ~ Glad your doggie and your little one are both feeling better! What a cute story about the choir! Don’t kids say the cutest things?

    April 13, 2008 at 6:44 pm

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