Ramblings from my life…

Taste buds, Acquired.

While growing up, I remember hearing people say, “you will acquire a taste for this… or that”. For instance, most children don’t like the taste of coffee, with the exception of my four year old. I’ve been so proud of my children when they try new things. It is not often that one of them with actually ASK to try something, it is usually me who puts new said item on their plate… which in return I receive whines and complaints.

So, tonight when Pig Me Too ate her entire dinner without whining, I was already excited. Then, Pig Will asked for some Olive Oil and pepper to dip her pizza crust in! She loved it and told me that Olive Oil is indeed yummy. Once again, I played around with my pizza making – this time trying pre-made dough from Trader Joe’s. I also used the pizza sauce from there – which is MUCH better than the Boboli’s pizza sauce. I put prosciutto on half of the pie and it was bellissimo!

On another note, we have finally started putting in the handrail banister in the basement. Pig Will is having her birthday party in a few weeks… so, I figured for liability purposes, we should probably have something for the kids to hold on to when they go downstairs.

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