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Artichoke Penne with Sundried tomatoes and chopped… finger?

Okay, the dish turned out great, but yes, I did chop my finger. I made it through the garlic, the sundried tomatoes and even grating the cheese. After I cooked the chicken, I was chopping it to bite size pieces to add back into the pasta when I came down on my pointer nail. Now, my sister had taught me the trick on how NOT to chop your fingers… (tuck them in neatly)… but Mr. Pointer was not obeying! So when the knife came down on my nail and a bit through the side of my finger, I expected there to be blood, but there was not a drop! It still hurts like crazy and the nail is split – but I’m not sure why I don’t need a bandaid. 😛

I also woke up this morning feeling a bit snotty. No, not the mean kind – the real deal. Now, I’ve been bragging to all my friends how I haven’t been sick in over 3 years except for a minor common cold here and there… so, hopefully this is just another cold. However, I woke up with my face glued to the pillow due to sleeping with my mouth open all night. Ah – glory.

So anyway, you should really try the pasta, minus the finger – of course. Just cook up some pasta (in salted water), chop up some sun-dried tomatoes and garlic and then shred some Asiago cheese. (The recipe actually called for turkey sausage and mozzarella! but when can I ever follow a recipe?) I soaked the tomatoes in EVOO so they could be a bit more hydrated and then used the left over to cook the chicken, which I had lightly salted and peppered. Then the tomatoes and garlic were cooking while I was chopping my finger – oh, I mean the chicken. Then tossed the chicken in and added the pasta and cheese. It was a bit salty b/c of the cheese that I used – so if you use Asiago, then don’t salt the chicken as much. mmmmmm-mmmmm good.


2 responses

  1. airdalewife

    Yummy.. finger sounds delish. I’m guessing you forgot to knock on wood, throw around some 4 leaf clovers .. on the ‘sick’ issue. Hope it’s just a passing thing.

    March 28, 2008 at 5:17 pm

  2. Sorry you hurt your finger, but I’m glad that it wasn’t too serious! Hope you feel better soon! It’s seasonal allergy time her in CT, so I know just how you feel. Yuck.

    April 1, 2008 at 7:32 am

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