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The 100 year old Kindergartener

So Pig Will dressed up like she was 100 years old… basically she looked like a 5 year old with wrinkles and a crazy hair doo… maybe it was my lack of creativity – or it really IS hard to make a 5 year old look 100!

I put eyeliner on her face for wrinkles and then made her hair up in a bunch of small buns, to make them look like curls. It really did just look like a crazy 80’s hair do that you’d see on “My So Called Life” or something…
I was going to put powder in her hair… but was afraid that she’d sneeze.

In other news, it started snowing around lunch time and didn’t stop until dinner time. My husband has duty tonight, so I am bored, cold and… well, just bored. Hopefully he can make it home by lunch tomorrow…

Pig Me Too’s wound is not healing the way that I’d like… the glue came off and the hole is still huge. If it doesn’t look better in a few days, I’m going to go buy some Stery Strips.

Today, I practiced music with my friend. We are singing some songs together at the womens retreat in a few weeks. This will be the longest time that my husband has had the kids by himself. I’m sure he will do great though… he is such a great dad! Oh, by the way hun, you need to take Pig Will to a birthday party that Saturday afternoon… 😉

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  1. I’d love to see some pics of that! I bet she was adorable! Sorry that hubby had duty! Hope that he gets home soon and that the snow wasn’t too bad for you… (hugs)

    February 23, 2008 at 7:52 am

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