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Scars, part II

Yesterday we voted in the primary’s at the Elementary School, so Pig Will had off. We spent the morning singing with instruments, 3 games of Candy Land and then two crafts. I figured that it was time I showered since I needed to get them fed and Pig Me Too to preschool by 1 pm. No less had I reached to turn the shower water off and grab my towel, when I heard screaming coming from both children. PMT was crying and screaming, “I’m bleeding!” Now, it would be the same if it were a teeny tiny paper cut and maybe even no blood… so, I didn’t panic UNTIL… she walked into the bathroom with blood all over her hands, nighties and yep, you guessed it… her forehead.

It figures, right? I had just posted the day before about the scar on her head from falling into the coffee table as a baby. I even gave dirty looks to the table as I sat next to it playing Candy Land… and no kidding, I was thinking about her scar and how sad I was that she would have to deal with it as a teen…

So, I quickly applied ice and pressure to her wound and changed both kids clothes. I threw my wet hair into a bun and put on the nearest (dirty) clothes that I could find. Frantically I tried to reach my husband with no luck. I tried my mom – nothing. Then she called back on my way out the door… and said she’d meet me at the ER.

Once again, the ER was packed. I’m not kidding when I say that over half of the people in there didn’t even look sick. After waiting for two hours in the waiting room, we were finally called back, where it took another almost two hours before we were done. The wound wasn’t as deep as the previous one – so they used Dermabond instead of stitches. Hopefully that means that her scar won’t be as noticeable either… I did get quite a few dirty looks however, when I mentioned this wasn’t her first encounter with the coffee table. Same table, different house and location. There was a little girl that came in about 30 mins after us which kept PMT company. She had slipped and fell into… yep, a coffee table! However, her wound was on her eyebrow.

So, that was how we spent our morning yesterday. It did get my husband home from work early though! PMT is doing great… the glue works… just looks like a long cut on her forehead. We shall see…

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  1. Oh Kim! Give her a kiss and hug from us. Little Bear keeps asking if we are going on a trip to your house again.

    February 13, 2008 at 11:31 am

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