Ramblings from my life…

Scar memories

Most everyone remembers how and why they have a scar. There are things that happen in your life which create a scar and then you have the memory – good or bad – to along with it. I don’t think I’ve ever asked someone how that got the huge scar on their leg with a reply of “gee, I don’t know!”

What stirred up this thought was last night. We went over to my parents house to make them dinner and see how my dad is doing. (*side note, he seems much better but is still very ill.) He was telling us the many events that took place while he was at the hospital, one being about his IV. For some odd reason, they decided to place the IV in his inner elbow vein. I’ve only heard of blood being drawn from this spot and I guess an IV drawn IF they can’t get it to go in anywhere else. Poor guy not only was woken up several times by his roommates, nurses and such… but also had his IV falling out every time he bent his arm!

This story made me think of the only two times that I’ve had an IV… when I gave birth to my two children. Both times I was stuck in my left forearm. Since I remember it leaving a scar with Pig Will, I actually asked to have Pig Me Too’s put in right below the first scar, just in case the second one left a scar. Sure enough, it did. Now I have a great story about how this scar is Pig Will and see this one below?, that is Pig Me Too!

So scars can leave us with some fond memories… When my husband was deployed, I wanted to install a steering wheel and telescope on the swing set. I had thought they came with my purchase, but since they didn’t, I bought some from the hardware store. While searching for the proper tools, a hammer threw itself at me and gashed my leg. I was not at all worried about the blood – but rather getting the wheel attached so that my children would be happy. So now I am left with a long scar on my thigh to remind me that I am capable of any task involving tools. (Well, okay – any tools involving minor repairs or additions!)

And then sometimes, scars can leave marks on us or others that remind us of painful times. When Pig Me Too was only 13 months old she fell into the coffee table corner. We had been out of town with our dog, Rusty and my brother-in-law had moved in to stay with us right before we arrived. When we walked through the door, I set Pig Me Too down only for her to be plowed over by a very excited Rusty. As she screamed and I cried, the wound would not clot. I took her to the emergency room where we sat for 4 hours before being taken back. (At this point it was 11 pm. Never mind the fact that a kid with the flu, an adult with I don’t know what and several others were seen before us even thought she was STILL bleeding!) After two more hours of sitting in our ER bed, she was finally stitched up with two stitches and two Steri-Strips. Now whenever she is mad or sad, the scar turns bright red and pops out. I’m sure when she is a teen she will NOT be happy!

Sometimes scars heal or almost go completely away with age. I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead that is much fainter than when it left its mark.

And then some of us have internal scars. A friend or loved one that hurt us deeply. Those, I think are the worst kind… there is no physical reminder of the injury but the nagging feelings that en capture us. With time and love, most internal scars can heal… some remain with us forever, like a long scar on your heart.

Never-the-less, all scars leave us with memories. They can be great stories or sad moments – but we all have them to tell.


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