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A light at the end?

The hard part about living in the house that you are renovating is clutter. If something doesn’t fit in the room it is supposed to go in, toss it into the next. I actually just packed three huge bags of clothes, toys (shhh) and a old end table into my car to take to Good Will.

Since we are renovating the basement/playroom space, toys have migrated into our living room, hallway, kids rooms and even the bathroom. It is hard to get mad at the kids, they don’t have their own space right now. However, work is well underway! We finally grouted the tile floor and just need to buff the tiles a bit more before moving in the toys and furniture! Both rooms need to be painted – but I’m not too worried about that. So basically, we are done – minus minor touch ups.

I know it seems like this has taken too long – but husband did install two doors upstairs on our bedroom and the new guest bedroom (old office). One still has shims that need to be cut and both still need trim and paint… but what is a home without SOME kind of chaos? I mean, the kitchen pantry door still needs to be painted – oh and there is the issue of a door knob… but who’s keeping track? 😉

Yesterday I manged to have the vacuum running for 4 solid hours. I turned it off here and there… but mostly had it running. I re-arranged furniture in the office (which eventually will not have the computer in it) to make room for the guest bed. Each time I moved something, more dust and dog hair! Yick! Since I was taking out things that had come into the room to die (small kitchen appliances and dishes, clothes, books… etc…) – I had to make room in other rooms for those items. I actually manged to find real living spaces for these items and didn’t have to re-hide them in a corner somewhere.

Things came together just in time for me to pick Pig Will up from school – and we even had guests come over for dinner last night! We’ve been putting off having friends over due to chaos… but I gave in and told myself that they would look beyond the shims sticking out down the hall and the pantry door with a hole instead of a knob. (The horror!) Now, we just need to give the kids back their playroom and get that guest bed together…


One response

  1. mommie k

    can’t wait to see it when we come get madison. having fun in Hawaii, but miss you all. love, mommie

    January 10, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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