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Electricity is no joke!

Our renovations are about half way done. We finished putting up the drywall, have one coat of mud up and drilled holes and wired for 2 new canned lights.

The first renovation we did to our house was in our living room. We tore down an old wood panel wall, built the wall out by framing and put up new drywall. Before installing the drywall, husband wired for our plasma and surround sound. He ended up having to rewire a bunch of stuff due to the fact that the previous owners had the entire kitchen and living room on the same circuit! A microwave should have it’s own circuit – and a 60 amp one at that! They had all the kitchen lights, plugs and appliances plus the living room lights, plugs and TV all on one 120 amp circuit. Amazing a fire did not start.

So, along the same lines, when we started to wire the basement for the plasma and surround sound – what did we find? The outer wall plugs, some lights AND the upstairs bedroom, office and bathroom all on one 20 amp circuit! Only, it gets better… the wiring is only 15 amps and each outlet was only 15 amps (minus one plug was actually a 20 amp). I’m no electrical engineer… but come on. When the previous owners finished part of the basement, they grabbed power from anywhere – not caring if the circuit could handle it. I can’t believe we didn’t have the breaker trip or a fire.

The reason for that long winded background was to explain how I got shocked. I am no dummy, I know not to touch hot wires…. but while disconnecting a light switch – who’s circuit was off – I figured that the switch on the SAME panel was also off. As I started to pull it out to detach the wires, I got a jolt through my hand. Ouch!

So anyway, we finally got most of it straight and the wires finally fished through to the new cans. Hopefully this weekend we can do another coat of mudding, sanding and painting!

The girls have been great. Pig Will went back to all day school, so she is in a blissful state. Plus, there is a new boy in the class, that is ALWAYS good news! When I picked her up yesterday, as we were driving to pick Pig Me Too up from afternoon preschool, she announces… “Mom, I have some good news and some bad news.” I’m thinking… isn’t she too young to have any bad news??? heh heh. Then she says, “I’ll tell you the good news first. The good news is that it might snow. The bad news is, that means indoor recess.” I had to bite my lip to not laugh out loud! That was SOOOOO cute! So, I acted all “totally” 5 year old and told her that was a bummer. She continued on… “Well, indoor recess is okay, but I like to be outside. Teacher said that it wouldn’t be snowman building snow, just powder. She has to get her tonsils out.” Me – your teacher? Pig Will, “yep, teacher is getting her tonsils out. They have been buggin’ her” (Here is my eyes popping out of my head! I can’t believe that my 5 year old is so smart… oy vey!)

Pig Me Too isn’t without antics. Since husband was home working on the basement on Wednesday, Pig Will was at school and I was trying to help husband in the basement… Pig Me Too wanted to be down there with us. She was upstairs playing, still in jammies and no shoes when she started down the steps. I told her that it was dangerous, especially without shoes. Without a word she headed back upstairs and within seconds was coming back down. I repeated myself without looking at her to which she replies, “but mom, I do have shoes on” – she had put on her snow boots! I have to hand it to the kid… I did make it sound like it was only dangerous without having shoes on!


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  1. mommie k

    Hey, last Sunday Pig Will told me in the middle of the sermon that she is in love with a guy at school.(the sermon was somewhat about love-she was listening!!!) Sounds like her allegience just took a turn!!!! we miss you all here in Kauai, Hawaii. Love, Mommie

    January 5, 2008 at 12:30 am

  2. Wow I’m thinking the previous owner of our house also lived in your house! I have to turn the hall light on in order to use either of the overhead lights in the kid’s bedrooms (2). Their light switches operate… nothing.
    Also, even in AZ snowboots are the easiest shoes to put on. Those are Ben’s favorite.
    Keep the faith – Just Laura

    January 5, 2008 at 4:53 pm

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