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Merry… Renovations?

Merry Christmas! We are in the middle of yet another renovation project. My husband and I had the bright idea a few days ago to start a basement renovation. The previous owners had made part of the basement finished, dividing it into a bedroom/storage room and a living room. Although not a legal bedroom, (no closet and the window is not big enough for a person to fit through) we used it as our guest suite with the living room section as the playroom. The playroom often became cluttered with toys, puzzles and dolls strewn everywhere. I had stations set up, as explained in my previous post, Delr Santa but it still seemed to become a mess.

So, to make the area brighter and more usable, we decided to make the playroom a living room and the bedroom the playroom. However, I didn’t want the girls to feel cramped so we knocked the wall out between the stairs and the room. We ripped up the carpet and have started to lay tiles but will wait until the day after Christmas to finish. We also ripped up the carpet in the living room section and put down new Berber carpet. Finally, my husband took down part of the wall to redo the drywall after installing wires for surround sound and the new HDTV. We are going to paint most of the walls a taupe color and the far walls that face each other (in separate “rooms”) a bold blue.

Me taking down framing

Wall gone

On the Christmas front, we baked Christmas cookies with the girls yesterday. Daddy rolled the dough and the girls used cookie cutters to make the shapes. When the cookies cooled, we decorated them with colored icing.

Making cookiesimg_4485.jpg

Today I made sausage balls for tomorrow morning. We will have those and some cinnamon twists for breakfast while we open gifts and celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Then we will head over the bridge to my parents house for a Christmas dinner.

Tonight our Christmas Eve service is at 6 pm and I’m singing, so I’ll have to leave the family and be there by 4:15 pm. My Brother-in-law and his wife are in town, so they will be there too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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  1. Love the pics. Looks like you and your husband are very handy. What great work you are both doing. There shouldn’t be anything left to do in the house, should there?

    Hope you had a great Christmas

    December 28, 2007 at 9:34 pm

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