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Running in the rain…

I finally did it. I ran the whole time. I plugged along to some upbeat music and kept going. Where I’d usually be saying, “I need to catch my breath and stop”, I pushed through it. My dog kept looking up at me saying – um human? did you know that it is raining and you haven’t stopped yet. I think the rain is what kept me going. One, it almost dripped on me in the same pattern as my footsteps and the music. I also was forced to look down at the ground as to not get rain in my eyes. I think that not looking forward helped me chug along because I didn’t see how much farther I had to go or if the street started tilting upwards. Two, I didn’t want to walk in the rain if it started to pour.

So, my new goal is to go farther and longer. The route I went landed me at home before I think I was ready to stop, but I didn’t want to pass by and chance stopping – I wanted to walk through the door and announce “I did it! I ran the whole time!”.

On another note, who said that my first child was allowed to grow up? I mean something happens when they turn 5. Not only are they more aware of the world around them and how their actions effect others – but their vocabulary becomes almost, well… sophisticated. Pig Will has this new way she talks. She will say something like, “Today we did so and so. We did – I’m not joking, we did.” Like trying to convince herself that she is telling the truth.  Whether she is saying something she did or making it up – it is cute. Speaking of growing up – Pig Me Too is trying to catch up. She has to do things by herself – including dressing herself. I’m not sure if Pig Will was just lazy or I was just used to doing it for her… but she really didn’t start dressing herself until she was almost 5. Pig Me Too saw her doing it and had to do it too. So comes the “I’m a big kid” sentence in everything we do… or the “No mom, I can do it by myself!”

I guess I didn’t realize it… would you like to cook dinner for me now too?


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