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Milestones and more Italy

So I think I will post a few more pictures here – but the ones with our faces will go in a online password protected album for family and friends. If you want the password, email me. ūüôā

Pig Will has not one but TWO loose teeth! They are the two front bottom ones. She is too cute when she wiggles them and is afraid that she will swallow them in her sleep (secretly I’m afraid of that too!). Pig Me Too is doing great a preschool and actually asks me to leave when I drop her off! Huge change from last year.

We are still missing one suitcase from our trip – since it has been a week, we have to file a passenger property form. That usually means the luggage will not be recovered. I’m pretty upset because it had all of my husbands clothes that we just bought for him when he returned from Afghanistan. He wears uniforms to work, so didn’t have very many dress type shirts and we wanted to look nice in Italy. It also had a pair of new running shoes, all of our raincoats (nice ones too), both of our toiletries and Pig Will’s favorite care bear (which she hasn’t cried about once!)… not to mention a memory card for our camera. All of those things can be replaced (and the memory card was a spare, so all of those pictures are already downloaded here at home, thank goodness!!!) but what makes me want to cry is the time we spent buying the clothes. I mean we are both small people, so clothes that fit just right are hard to come by. Not only were those shirts the right size – but he looked great in them. The time and effort to replace them all…

So, pictures of Rome to follow.

Trevi fountain

Villa Borghese


Colosseum outside

Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Until next time…


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