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A day in the life…

of a Kindergarten student. Yesterday Pig Will started all day Kindergarten. Previously she had only been in M/W/F afternoon preschool – so this was a big change for her. She was super excited and when Daddy dropped her off, the reports were good. Yesterday was also my first MOPS meeting of the year and since I’m the Coordinator, I wanted to be there early. So, I imagined her at school all day and when I finally picked her up – she was still all smiles. She talked about so-and-so and who sat here and there. It was a staggered entrance so only a third of the class was there. When we got home she started to tell me about the boy that wouldn’t let her sit next to him at lunch and how the only friend that she knew already made two new “best” friends so they could not sit together. Her eyes welled up as she recalled some of the events that took place over lunch and recess. I opened up her lunch box to clean it out and there was the sandwich and orange staring me in the face! Her goldfish were only half eaten and the juice was gone. I had only given her half a sandwich and had peeled the orange, so it wasn’t hard to eat. When I asked her why her snack and juice were gone but not the other food she started to cry again. She told me that the fruit snacks had fallen on the floor when she opened them and had to throw them out. I asked why she hadn’t opened the sandwich first and eaten it… she replied with she opened everything at the same time and laid it all out, just like Francis. Through tears she explained to me that she ate but the lunch monitors told her it was time to go back to class. I asked again why she didn’t eat her sandwich first and what was she doing while everyone else was eating. Again her eyes welled up and she explained very meekly, “mommy, I just eat slow. Everyone else eats fast. I eat slow.” So, I left it at that and told her to eat her sandwich for her snack. (Which I think she ate rather fast.)

So for today I only packed a sandwich and a few goldfish so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming. We’ll see.

She described the rest of her day with joy in her voice and said her teacher is really nice. She was so excited to go to school today that when we arrived she told me to “just drop her off”. I was going to park and walk her in but she said that she was big and could go in by herself. I protested because it made me nervous. When we pulled up to the school she got out of the car and I kissed her and told her to look for the 5 grade safety monitors if she got lost. She replied with, “I know mom, we met them yesterday. Bye, love you.”

!!!?????!!!!! It kind of hurts to have such a grown up girl. Pig Me Too and I just ate lunch and it was sort of quiet. Now we are off to clean the dungeon, err basement.


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  1. Aunt Syl

    What an exciting time (for her) and an adjustment time (for you 🙂 ) I hope her mealtime went more smoothly today. I couldn’t open the email you sent with the pictures, so was hoping you posted some. You all grow up so fast – it was only yesterday that your grandmother plunked you down in a laundry basket of fresh, clean clothes in her yard. And now your baby is in school! Where does the time go?

    September 6, 2007 at 10:45 pm

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