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The days are flying by. We have jammed packed several activities into the last 2 weeks. Last Thursday we took the kids to the beach. Well, the bay beach – not the ocean. However, this was Pig Me Too’s first time and Pig Will’s second time… I know, we live near water… but husband and I are just not beach people. I like water – I love to be outdoors… but I just don’t like sand. I also don’t like baking in the sun… just laying there and letting the sun burn you while you drip sweat is not my idea of a fun-filled afternoon. Anyway, the kids loved building sandcastles and wading in the water – we will definitely take them back.

Then for the weekend we went to my brother-in-laws. They live in a beautiful town, so we took a long drive through the mountains. The rest of the weekend the kids had fun playing with their cousins while we ate good food and talked.

This weekend our alone time finally came. The reason we hadn’t dropped the kids off with my parents earlier was just to readjust to family time. We wanted to soak it all in and make sure the kids knew that daddy was staying and everything was normal again. So, we dropped them off and spent the day downtown walking, drinking coffee and shopping. Then we checked into the new Westin hotel and got ready to go to dinner. We dressed up and walked to dinner. We were about a mile down from the main downtown area and the streets are brick-lined… so, you can imagine my feet! After dinner we walked down by the water and I decided that if we were going to stay out that we needed to change. We walked back to the hotel, put on jeans and headed back downtown for an hour or so to check out the night life scene. We were awakened at 5:30 am by a blaring loud voice that stated there was a fire emergency and we must evacuate, accompanied by a nice loud horn. We walked down 6 flights of stairs, out into the morning air only to be told that it was a false alarm. When the fire department finally arrived they could not figure out how to shut it off. They silenced it, but the lights kept blinking for half the day. After sleeping a few more hours we got up and took a walk downtown. Then I did it… I ran. I ran for seven minutes total – not all together. I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. I haven’t ran a single step in 7 years besides chasing the kids around outside. My husband was even proud of me and he is a 6 mile a day guy. Anyway, then we walked to get coffee and checked out the hotel. Overall it was a great two days filled with laughter, fun and getting to know each other again.

I think it will be a shock when he goes back to work on Tuesday. I’ve had him home since he’s been home and have gotten used to all the help around the house and with the kids. At least I’ll still have him in the evenings and weekends though. Plus, we leave for Italy (finally!!!) on September 26th!


2 responses

  1. Exciting! I know that is such a transition.. when they start back to the command after post-deployment. It is quite an adjustment! Glad you guys had some special time together. 🙂

    September 5, 2007 at 7:28 pm

  2. Fire alarm aside, it sounds like a beautifil time of reconnecting. I’m so glad the wait is over for your family. It’s good to be whole again, right?

    September 5, 2007 at 10:40 pm

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