Ramblings from my life…

Tick Tock

Time… time… time. We just never seem to have enough of it. Sometimes it goes so slow and then the next thing you know – 3 hours has past and all I have accomplished is one load of laundry and a batch of cookies (pre-made dough, of course!).

Today flew by… I’m not kidding. It was 8:30 am – then it was 8:30 pm. First I had to start a load of laundry. Then we started making our August calendar! Making a calendar each month for the girls to “x” off has been fun for them. Not only fun making the calendar, but fun marking it off also. It gives them a bit more depth perception… how many more days until the next calendar and now finally, how many more days until daddy comes home!!! Making the calendar today was bitter sweet. I almost want to continue making them with the girls each month – just because they have fun doing it.

Next I threw the laundry in the dryer.  After we cleaned up the calendar mess, it was time to dance to the music. They absolutely love to plug the video camera into the television and watch themselves. So, I watched them and caught up on the newspaper and mail. Then it was time for lunch. After we ate, time to bake cookies. We spent the remainder of the day picking up toys, vacuuming and organizing the girls clothes in their drawers. Then it was already dinner time, bath time and bedtime. Fly away day…


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