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We had a wonderful day filled with fun and love. We attended our play group, stayed longer to help the quilting ladies and then came home to clean up the house. I’m keeping this post positive, but if you want to hear about my worst mommy moment of the day, click over on Mommyblog to read.

I am reminded here at the end of the day that sometimes, as moms, we forget to breathe. I was talking on the phone to my friend today about how I let little things the girls do get me upset way too often. Her advice to me was to whisper. If I’m feeling frustrated and start to yell – then to just take a deep breath and whisper to the kids. They will most likely stop misbehaving to figure out what I am saying. I always felt like I need to raise my voice as loud as possible so that they COULD hear me – when really, they weren’t hearing me at all. After the above linked story – I tried it out… it worked! Thanks T!

So many times I forget to start my day in the Word. I pray often throughout the day (and sometimes in my despair as a mom I will shout praises to the Lord – which the girls think is funny.) but if I don’t start my morning reading the Bible, even if just a few passages, I am totally lost for the rest of the day. Somehow, it seems, that I’m calmer – almost like I took an enormous breath to handle the day. My lungs are filled with the breath of life – the living God.

Breathe / Michael W. Smith

This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe
Your holy presence living in me

This is my daily bread
This is my daily bread
Your very word spoken to me

And I, I’m desperate for you
And I, I’m I’m lost without you


ps – Amber, you were right! My ticker is different AND the days are different! We were told he’d be home 10 days sooner than planned! Amen!

5 responses

  1. Erin

    I just read your story on mommyblog–oh my!! It’s so funny that little kids always want to cut their hair, but I’m so sorry that you had to deal with it…. I miss them (and you!) My family and I are going away for a week but let’s please get together when we get back…we’ll call you!

    June 28, 2007 at 4:55 pm

  2. mommie

    good idea, the breathing thing!!! the hair will grow and you will laugh someday when you are telling their husbands about it!!

    June 29, 2007 at 8:42 am

  3. earlier return! That’s awesome. And yes, we all have to remember to breathe – thanks for the reminder. I know lately I could use it.

    By the way, Nikki tagged me recently with a meme, and now I tag you. 😉

    June 29, 2007 at 11:01 am

  4. I’m so glad he’ll be home a few days earlier! I know you ladies are anxious to have him home safe and sound.
    I’m sorry about KT’s hair, though! Won’t daddy be surprised! 🙂

    June 29, 2007 at 5:40 pm

  5. I am posting the story here now – b/c the “Mommy Story of the Week” will probably be replaced soon. As much as I want to forget, I sort of want to remember this story. 🙂

    After dinner I excused my girls from the table. I cleaned up the kitchen (3
    mins), my dad called (1.5 mins) and then I walked by the basement stairs to see
    my girls running out of the bedroom down there. They are not allowed to play in
    there so I asked “what’s up? why are you in there?” When I went downstairs I saw
    a very tiny chunk of hair on the floor. When I scolded them for cutting hair
    (I shouldn’t have left the scissors out in the first place, mom doh!) then
    turned to walk upstairs and noticed Pig Me Too’s head looked funny. Where the
    ponytail was put in – it still came out the back – but there was no hair in the
    front. When I asked Pig Will where the rest of her hair went – she handed me a bucket
    (yes a bucket!) full of hair. Oy vey!

    July 4, 2007 at 8:14 am

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