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The Cooking Show, Mommy!

My children climbed in bed with me this morning, as thy do every morning for some cuddle time. (aka, mommy lazy time!) Pig Will asks me if we can watch “the cooking show”. There is a kid on Disney that cooks with a different adult each show called “Daniel Cook” – so, I asked if that is what she meant. She replied, “no mom, The Cooking Show with the adult.” A few weeks ago I was actually watching the news (shocker!) and afterwards, Rachel Ray came on. The girls asked if we could watch it, so I said why not. So, I asked Pig Will if she meant, Rachel Ray, to which she replied, yes.

At promptly 9:00 am, we sat down together on the couch just in time for the first recipe. Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast sticks. To which both girls asked me to make tomorrow for breakfast! Then is was time for the first guest – none other than the Super Nanny. Perfect. Sure enough they showed clips of children fighting, hitting, disobeying to which both girls exclaimed, “they are not being very good children!” Um, perfect timing for a lesson? I think so! So, now children, do you see what you look and sound like when you fight with each other or have a tantrum or disobey? “Yes mommy” – well, we will see how long that image remains in their heads!

Next on the agenda was audience questions for the Super Nanny. One lady was talking about how her 3 children were picky eaters. The 2.5 yr old would not even eat pancakes with M&M’s – she’d just pick out the M&M’s and leave the pancakes – to which both RR and SN replied – “duh! There is your problem! You don’t give her M&M’s in her pancakes!” Pig Will turns to me and says, “She could put the M&M’s on the bottom of the pancakes and then she wouldn’t see them to pick out – but she’d taste them!” Sometimes kids have the most thought out answers. (I didn’t tell her that the point was not to have candy in the food to begin with!)

After the show, I got the girls dress and collected their laundry to take to the basement. After loading one in and folding another, I took the laundry up to find the girls reading together. I ran downstairs, grabbed the camera and took this:

Girls reading book

Now it’s time for lunch! PB&J French Toast, anyone?


2 responses

  1. How very sweet! Tell them Claire loves Rachel Ray, though she’s only seen her on Food Network.

    May 25, 2007 at 1:42 pm

  2. mommie

    precious picture!!! and I am going to use more of her recipies!!!

    May 26, 2007 at 9:53 am

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