Ramblings from my life…


No, not the British guy that plays an American mean ‘ole doctor on the FOX TV series. The thing that little girls play almost every hour of every day!

I just saw the most precious moment of the year. The girls and I have been outside since about 4:00 PM. I pushed them on the swings, watched them play, played chase, swung myself!, pushed them some more and watched them some more. At 5:15 PM I came inside to start dinner. We have a fenced yard, so I can still see them playing on the swing set while I cook. As I began pulling things out and sorting them for preparation – I noticed them collecting leaves, mulch and grass and bringing them to their table under the swing set tower. Then they would serve each other, go collect more and then switch places. For a brief moment I thought that Pig Me Too was pouting when I saw her put her arms on her hips… then she walked over to Pig Will and put her arm around her. They stood there for a moment gazing at the meal they had prepared. Not only do I wish I had a camera in my hand, (those moments are way too quick and there are not enough of them!!! Plus, you most definitely cannot stage them.) but I had the most amazing feeling in my heart. Sisterly love… the best medicine around….


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