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Program error, system shutting down…

Do you ever feel like a computer? You know the days where you can’t stop getting “system error” or “driver overload”… then you have to do a “force quit” because the program thinks it can continue to work even when it had a system error. Sometimes I wish I had a “force quit” button or that someone would keep me accountable and make me quit when I am too tired to go on.

Today I had a  “system overload” – too much fighting, disobeying and talking back. Even though the fun times definitely overruled the errors that occurred – when it came time for my walk, I just had enough. My day just does not end… no matter if my kids are in bed or playing quietly downstairs – I’m still on 24 hour watch, 7 days a week. I have a new found respect for single mothers… I mean, I aways wondered how they did it… sort of being in their shoes makes you totally aware and in awe.

Besides repeating “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and similar verses all day long… does anyone have any advice of things that I can do to make my day easier?

Hubby, come home!

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  1. For me, getting enough sleep was a biggie. And finding a bit of time for myself to be creative and let out some of those emotions through some sort of art. That was usually after the kids were in bed. Does your church have any “mommy’s night out” times or do you have a friend you could swap babysitting with? Some time alone in a hot bath or just being quiet might help.

    I know how you feel, if that helps at all! My hubby is home now but due to leave for Iraq again at the end of the year and I am already dreading it. My heart is with you during this challenging time!

    May 25, 2007 at 2:36 pm

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