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The Dueling Pianos…

A place we used to live had a comedy act called “The Dueling Pianos” – it was part comedy, part battling out on the piano. A rather chaotic evening, but humorous in its own way.

Today on our mission to Target, I had one child singing “I can only Imagine” in her loudest voice while the other child begged and screamed to bring in her stuffed Golden Retriever. The louder the screamer – the louder then singer. Even though I was a bit embarrassed by the screamer… I laughed when I told her to stop because hearing, “I can only Imagine, when that day comes. And I find myself, standing in the Son…” in a toddler voice singing even louder and words all correct – was like a blessing from above to keep me calm. I could’ve put them back into the car, drove home and then punished screaming child… but instead I collected myself, told her no one last time, walked into the store and told her she needed to be quiet for the shoppers. She grabbed a Hello Kitty card and although I was not going to buy it -it helped her to be quiet. The things we do…

So, I got the things I needed and proceeded to the check-out line where I put the card on the side telling the cashier that we would not need it. The singer was already on a new song and the screamer had joined in.

We finished off the afternoon with an early dinner and some yummy ice cream while playing outside. The voice of the screamer left off in the distance and replaced with glorious laughter and a beautiful sunset…


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  1. Were the dueling pianos in Pensacola at Rosie’s? I remember a great act there. LOVED the visual image of your own live dueling voices.

    May 20, 2007 at 3:58 pm

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