Ramblings from my life…

The Best Moments…

I am going to attempt to list the best moments in my life in no particular order…

#1 Being born…

#2 Receiving my Salvation

#3 My wedding day

#4 Giving birth

#5 Watching my husband land at the hangar after a 6 month deployment

#6 Singing at the Kennedy Center

#7 Winning international competition with my High School choir

#8 Traveling abroad on my honeymoon

#9 Seeing my (future) husband get commissioned

#10 Watching my girls laugh and play together for the first time when “sissy” was only 11 months old…

#11 Becoming wonderful friends with my sister after she left for college in 1992…

#12 Seeing the smile on my husbands face when I told him we were having a baby…

#13 Seeing the pride in my husbands face when he finished his first home improvement project…

#14 Going on my first field trip with the preschool as a mom chaperone

#15 Hearing that a mom in my MOPS group came to the Lord

#16 Getting the solo after a fellow 6th grader told me (after my audition) that I sounded like a frog!

#17 Seeing my sister accomplish becoming an actress, chef, missionary, wife, mother

#18 Seeing my girls up on stage during Christmas Eve, 2006 and Easter, 2007 singing their hearts out (while mommy lead the Tide Pool singers).

#19 Ice skating in the Rockefeller Ice Rink with my sister and cousins…

#20 The birthday that I got flowers for my birthday from my (soon to be) husband when he was in at home for Christmas with his family…

#21 The summer that I got a phone call from my (soon to be) husband when he was in Israel and I was trying on wedding dresses!

#22 (I am going to add on to this post…)


One response

  1. What a great list! (And to think that I got a mention in 3 of your favorite things! hee hee) It was fun to read, and that’s something your girls will love to read about you one day, too.

    May 20, 2007 at 11:07 pm

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