Ramblings from my life…

Mother’s Day…

We were blessed with beautiful weather today, slight breeze and 70 degrees. After church, we had shrimp to tide us over until the plump steaks were ready. The girls played in Grammy and Grampy’s yard, the dogs followed – even my dad and my cousin, here visiting from Tennessee, played boce ball while my grandmother, mom and I watched. The only thing that could’ve made the day better would’ve been if my husband could be here with us. You think I’d be used to it by now… this is our third, if not fourth May that we’ve been separated. In two weeks we will have been married for 7 years – wow, where does the time go?

Honey, if you were here… we would’ve  joined in the boce ball game, then you would have chased the girls in the yard – then we could’ve taken a family walk down to the water… I miss you so much and even more so on days like today. I am so thankful, blessed and happy to be your wife. I am proud of you… stay strong.

On another note, if I posted pictures here you’d see one of two very chocolatey faces! We all enjoyed ice cream cones after our feast and I think they had more on their faces than in their bellies! Seeing joy on those precious faces can chase away the blues any day.


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