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The perfect Mothers day gift? You can win one by leaving a comment over on 5minutesformom! Just click on the link and leave a comment on the posts!

Speaking of Mother’s day, it is May 13th… time to get creative! If you need some ideas, check out this website: Day For Mothers.

Now, to fill the rest of the space, I will leave you with an Ode to Mothers. One thing I used to do while my husband and I were dating was write him poetry. It was sort of a flirty thing I did, but also something I really enjoy.

Ode to Mothers:

As I was walking down the street
I heard some birdies go, tweet tweet.
I looked up at my mother dear
and asked her “is that a Robin I hear?”

She laughed with that special twinkle in her voice
and explained to me how the birdies rejoice.
The new birth of their babies to nurture and feed,
as they gently place worms in their mouths that they need.

They teach them to fly and keep them warm at night,
It’s what mother’s do best – never leave their sight.
Until one day when they are ready, they leave the nest,
Always willing to be there if their babies need rest.

I glanced up at my mom and realized what she meant,
The story, not about birds, but she’d help if I needed the rent.
Her love for me unconditional, a never ending tale.
Just like Jesus on the cross, her love will never fail.

Thanks Mom.


One response

  1. mommie

    thanks sweetie. Love you, Mommie

    May 4, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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